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Rib Circular Knitting Machine

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Sintelli Manufacturing Circular Knitting Machines Since 1997. Sintelli knows all about circular knitting machines and provides tailored solutions driven from our experience, going from fabric maker to machine manufacturer over 40 years.

  • High Manufacturing Capacity.
  • Self-owned equipment factory makes Competitive price.
  • A factory of 40,000 square meters, with 300 staff/ workers
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    Rib Circular Knitting Machine

    Rib Circular Knitting Machine

    Widely used in high-volume production of soft and comfortable underwear fabric

    • Most Popular model, capable of knitting various kinds of double jersey fabric
    • Each model can be fitted with an optional Lycra feeder
    • Interchangeable design to interlock knitting machine
    • Application Area: Leisurewear

    • Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artifical wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

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    Advanced gear system

    Lubricate and prolong machine lifespan,high utilization of your investment

    Easily changed cylinder systems

    Meeting different demands, flexible and efficiency in knitting fabrics

    Main Features

    Widely used in high-volume production of soft and comfortable underwear fabric. Sintelli’s main gear systems are all embedded in an oil bath to lubricate and prolong the lifespan of the gear system. All gears are fluted simultaneously to minimize backlash between dial and cylinder needles. Users can handle different fabric changes by choosing Sintelli’s double series.



    Flexibility in the machine application, Sintelli’s double series allows users to change the fabric from jersey to rib to interlock. This precision conversion system allows you to meet the ever-changing demand of the market, as and when required.

      Needle Groz Beckert, Germany Samsung, Korea Yantex, Korea
      Sinker (For single knit) Kern Libbers, Germany Samsung, Korea Yantex, Korea
      High Rigidity Special Design Robust Frame SINTELLI / /
      Zirconia Yarn Guide SINTELLI / /
      Yarn Feeder SUN Feeder (B19) SUN Feeder (B23K) Global OR Memminger
      Automatic oil Lubricator Shengsong, Taiwan Taiguan, Taiwan Can be customized
      Tube Creel Triangle Creel Creel with tube /
      4 PCS Teeth Belt MEGADYNE / /
      Micro-computer control panel (3-shift counter and 4 digital RPM counter) SINTELLI Can be customized /
      Air System Taiguan, Taiwan Shengsong, Taiwan Taishan
      Inverter TOSHIBA, Japan Delta, Taiwan Yolico, Japan
      Motor Teco, Taiwan Sintelli Delta, Taiwan
      Take Down System Fabric open take-down system Sintelli Folding & Rolling take-down system /
      Cylinder SINTELLI Japanese High Precision Alloy Steel material / /
      Machine CAM setting Single Jersey: 4 tracks Double Jersey: Dial 2 tracks, cylinder 4 tracks Exchange cam parts for structions /
      Lycra feeder SUN WAL5-4A/B SUN WAL2-4A/B Memminger
    • Application Area: Leisurewear
    • Model Cylinder Diameter Machine Gauges No. of Feeders Speed
      DJR 30’’-38’’ 10-22G 52-72 F/Inch 15-30 RPM

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