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Double Jersey Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Double Jersey Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Double Jersey Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Improved key parts to guarantee high-speed status: Strong machine frame using long-lasting & quality casting iron to prevent parts distortion and ensure running performance and stability. Imported steel for cylinder and cams is made through high precision finishing & heat treatment, which increased hardness & abrasive resistance and makes machine durable.

  • Higher Production: High speed machine brings higher efficiency, which saves much labor cost in the same time.
  • Successful Cases: Interlock 30Dia 28Gauge 96Feeders
  • Speed Range: 25RPM-35RPM
  • Production increased by 50% compared to normal type

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High Productivity

HSDJ 30Dia 28GG with 96 Feeders can run smoothly around 33-35RPM. This gives you the ideal option to improve capacity.

Application Area

Sportswear, underwear, leisurewear.

Main Features

Long lifespan

Long lifespan

All gear systems utilize an oil-soaking mechanism to reduce noise and minimize backlash between dial and cylinder needles, improving the machine’s precision and lifespan.

    ST-HSDJ 24”-38” 24G-32G 2F or 3.2F/INCH 33-36
  • Parts Brands
    Cylinder & Machine heart Imported Steel
    Cams Imported Steel
    Needles High speed GB Needles
    Feeder Memminger
    Inverter DELTA
    Oiler Lubricator Pulsonic/Uniwave

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