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Computerized Series


Single Jersey Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

Varying jacquard patterns can be input and easily changed on the machine to keep up with the fashion trends. Gear and other main components are made in Taiwan or imported from Japan or Germany brands, making you to get high quality fabric through stable performance.

No special drawing software required to make various graphic patterns
Advanced Control System to facilitate easy operation
Technological data: 30’’-38’’, 12-30G, 60-72F

Single 4/6 Color Auto-Striper Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine

Based on the single knitting machine, the single striper knitting machine adds 4-color or 6-color striper knitting machine parts and a micro-computer control system.

Durable striper system that ensures stable production

Advanced computer system that simultaneously supports color stripe drawing and jacquard drawing mode

Technological data: 30’’/34’’, 18-28G, 52F/60F

Single Computerized Terry Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

This machine manufactures loop pile or terry fabrics, which can be used for producing bath towels, to welling blankets, to welling pillows and other soft-cloth materials.

Capable of knitting different bath accessories and blankets
Data can easily be saved and stored

Technological data: 30’’/34’’, 18G-22G, 48F/54F

Double Jersey Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

The double jersey electronic jacquard circular knitting machine features a computerized actuator to select needles on the cylinder.

Able to knit various designs of jacquard fabric

Features a computerized actuator to select needles on cylinder

Technological data: 30’’-38’’, 12G-28G, 54F-72F


Double Jersey Computerized Transfer Rib Jacquard Knitting Machine

The functioning of the Computerized Jacquard Transfer Rib Knitting Machine combines Computerized Jacquard technology with Transfer Rib weaving.

Jacquard technology combined with the transfer woven
Capable of weaving any full-width jacquard cloth of unlimited length and width

Technological data: 34’’/38’’, 18G, 54F/60F