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Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine


Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Designed with the central adjustment system to adjust fabrics in different levels of density easily and conveniently, normally equipped with different gauges of cylinders which is easy to alter and can meet the varying requirements in the knitting market.

Most Popular model, capable of knitting various kinds of single jersey fabrics
High-volume production on the market
Strong inter-convertibility. Conversion kits allow for single jersey, terry and fleece machine changes

Application Area: Vest, T-shirt, Polo shirts, functional sportswear and underwear or seamless clothes(small size).

Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artifical wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

Transfer Capably

Flexibly and easily knits different fabrics through replacing some heart parts,high investment utilization

High Speed Technology

High speed technology to meet your demand on high production and fast return of investment

Central Adjustment System

Easily adjust fabric density, meet different demands of knitting market

Main Features

Adopting the 4 track cams seal design and equipped with knit cams, tuck cams and miss cams. High precision central raising and falling system can adjust the fabric weight conveniently and quickly.

The special design of the feeding yarn carrier makes the option of Lycra more proficient. Featuring an ergonomic design, the additional middle feeding yarn transfer ring makes it easy for personnel to monitor and carry yarn, without the machine touching the operator’s body; at the same time, the yarn carrying system is freer and steadier, satisfying the demand of machine operating and knitting at high speeds.


Flexible for knitting varying fabrics and Multi-functional models.

A machine with multipurpose functions, by replacing the heart parts, it can easily converted into 3-thread-fleece and terry machine and other machines.


From single jersey knitting machine to 3-thread-fleece and terry machine

By changing a few parts, the machine can be configured to produce various different cloths, such as fiber covered cotton, single pique mesh, single fleece and small stripe cloth.

Technical Data
Model Cylinder Diameter Machine Gauges No. of Feeders Speed
SJ3 16’’-44’’ 16-36G 3 F/Inch 20-45 RPM
SJ4 26’’-44’’ 18-30G 4 F/Inch 20-30 RPM
SJ6 26’’-44’’ 20-30G 6 F/Inch 20-25 RPM
Fabric Sample