High Speed Open Width
Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

high speed Open Width Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine-2

High-Speed Single Jersey Open Width
Circular Knitting Machine

Improved key parts to guarantee high-speed status: Strong machine frame using long-lasting & quality casting iron to prevent parts distortion and ensure running performance and stability.

Imported steel for cylinder and cams is made through high precision finishing & heating treatment, which increases hardness & abrasive resistance and makes machine durable.

Successful Cases: Open Width 30Dia 28Gauge 96Feeders

Speed Range: Up to 30RPM-35RPM

Production increased by 50% compared to normal type

High Speed and High Output

High Productivity

It brings more machine efficiency and save much labor cost when compared with normal speed machine.

Machine frame

Machine frame is designed according to human engineering and streamlined pattern, it can gives suitable machine height for maintenance and fabric adjustment.

Automatic cloth cutting system

Makes even and stable fabric without waste; customized taking down system guarantees excellent fabric requirements and quality.

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Uniform Fabric Texture, Hand-Felt Fabric Experience

Lycra is evenly and stably processed with the open width type knitting machine. Fabric winding is completed free of folds.

In producing chambray and quadrille a specific distance is maintained between the grilles of the cloth and its end ensuring uniform fabric structure.


Can Accommodate Numerous Fabric Options

You can specify different fabric usage be it Calico Weave, Cockled, Twill, Diamond Pique or Pique Mesh. With the specialized yarn feeder, the Open Width Knitting Machine can easily process many synthetic fibers to make a lot of plating fabrics, double thread velvet, urethane elastic fabric and elastic silk cotton.

Technical Data
ST-HSOWSJ 24”-38” 20G-36G 3F or 3.2F/INCH 30-35
Fabric Sample