Double Series

Double Jersey Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Double Jersey/Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

Main components are designed by CAD system and machined by CNC to improve equipment precision. Using automatic oil lubricator to lubricate the cylinder and the needles respectively, which keep needles from easily damaging.

High productive. Each model can be equipped with Lycra feeder by option
Strong inter-convertibility. Conversion kits let rib and interlock changeable
Technological data: 16’’-40’’, 10G-36G, 32F-96F

Rib Circular Knitting Machine

Widely used in high-volume production of soft and comfortable underwear fabric

Most Popular model, capable of knitting various kinds of double jersey fabric
Interchangeable design to interlock knitting machine
Technological data: 30’’-38’’, 10G-22G, 52F-72F
Rib Circular Knitting Machine
Double Jersey Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

Body Size Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

New developed type to meet varying changes in the market. This small-diameter knitting machine can produce seamless shirts, underwear, swimwear and so on.

High speed mini-size to meet market demand
Able to produce any seamless knitwear

Technological data: 12’’-28’’, 16-28G, 24-56F

Double Jersey Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

Following the gear design without unfolding the fabric, allows easy rolling up of cloth. Its safety shutdown device functions when the cloth is not cut completely.

Top class fabric quality without any center crease over the entire fabric surface
Less cutting waste when further processing fabric
Technological data: 16’’-44’’, 10G-36G, 32F-96F