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Knitting in the round is just one of the best ways to unwind and relax from all the stressful barrage that occurred in your week.

At the same time, you get to use your time creating engaging projects for yourself or for your loved ones. These may be hats, shawls, socks, sweaters and blankets.



Whether you are a beginner or an avid knitter, it will always be a wise move to choose and buy a perfect set of circular knitting needles that you find most suitable with your hands.

To do you a simple favor, we have compiled these hot leads on where you can buy the best circular knitting needles – metal, bamboo, plastic and aluminum.

Plus, we’ve added a little bonus on the best knitting needles knitters raved about this 2019 and where you can purchase them.

Where to buy these needles? Here’s a list you should go to.

#1 Amazon Circular Knitting Needles

Have a look around Amazon and you can find great deals for circular knitting needles with sizes

ranging from 16 to 48 inches. Sellers also offer a wide variety of cord thickness depending on what you need.

What you can find on Amazon

Just key in the search bar for “circular knitting needles” and you will find products with different brands. You may also take a look at Amazon’s Choice and Editorial Recommendations, just to see if you fancy the product and its price.

The Amazon’s Choice tells you that these knitting needle products are buyers’ favorites and many of them were satisfied with their transactions with the seller. If you want to stay on the safe side, you can opt to choose from the said list.

#2 Ebay Circular Knitting Needles

Ebay is another haven for purchasing knitting needles. Most Ebay circular knitting needles are usually cheaper in price than on Amazon. But unless you pay via credit card or purchase through paypal by funding it through a credit card can you only be protected from possible scams or fraudulent sellers on Ebay.

Hence, affordability is typically the main catch for Ebay knitting needles buyers but Amazon ensures more protection for you.

For example, you can buy a Hiya Hiya Sharp Interchangeable Sock Knitting Needle Set on Ebay for only US $80 whereas at Amazon it costs US $90.

Ebay is also a great place to find vintage circular knitting needles at a very low price starting at less than US $10.

#3 AliExpress Circular Knitting Needles

AliExpress is a great platform for finding down-to-earth prices of circular knitting needles from China manufacturers. AliExpress also offers a wide range of prices for knitting needles with a variety of quality range and brand selection.

You can buy needles and accessories for knitting at very affordable prices as AliExpress sellers are comprised of China manufacturers and exporters who cater both B2B and B2C orders.

#4 Walmart Circular Knitting Needles

Walmart knitting needles are offered in a wide array of brands and choices. In terms of price, circular knitting needles at Walmart doesn’t vary much as compared with Amazon knitting needle prices. But it’s not rare that you can find more affordable wooden knitting needles, sock circular needles and interchangeable knitting needles at Walmart than on Amazon.

The biggest advantage in shopping at Walmart is you can ensure reliability of service from suppliers. This is because they have more intricate rules for sellers which require them to have a good reputation in other ecommerce platform before they can actually sell items on Walmart.

#5 Circular Knitting Needle Suppliers

You can also purchase directly from knitting needle and accessory suppliers where most of the knitters recommend.

Here is a quick directory of knitting needle suppliers and where they are situated

Circular Knitting Needles in UK

Circular Knitting Needles in the US

Other Awesome Online Circular Knitting Needle Suppliers

How Much are Circular Knitting Needles?

Circular knitting needle buyers are typically looking for needle sets that best suit their capabilities and budget. So we have classified typical price ranges for these knitting needles according to the following table.

Cheap Price Mid-Range High-End
Under $25 Between $25 and $50 Above $50

Best Circular Knitting Needle Sets in 2019 and Where to Buy Them

If you want to explore more options for purchasing top-of-the-line circular knitting needles, you may find the following useful.

#1 Addi Circular Needles



Addi offers olive wood circular needles, lace circular knitting needles, addi Turbos, and bamboo circular needles. You can purchase their products directly through their website or through Amazon.

#2 Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable needle sets

Knitter’s Pride is one of the best suppliers of amazing sets of circular knitting needles made from a variety of materials. They offer laminated birch wood circular knitting needle, carbon fiber, chrome-plated brass, Japanese bamboo, acrylic, and natural birch. These are available in all lengths and sizes.

You may directly purchase needles through their website or through retail online shops

#3 LYKKE Driftwood Needles

The Lykke driftwood circular knitting needle set is a noble-looking gift for a real knitter. Lykke is proud of the beautiful handcrafted sets they sell for passionate knitters. Their circular knitting needle sets are truly a work of art.

You may purchase products directly on their website or through online retail stores.



A Piece of Advice for First Time Buyers of Circular Knitting Needles and Beginners

Buying the perfect set of circular knitting needles is a precious moment. With this wonderful tool, you can create boundless knitting projects your heart desires.

A word of advice: if you are still a novice, try bamboo or wooden knitting needles first. They are perfect for the hands as they don’t slip easily unlike aluminum or plastic needles. Also, it is best to buy a set which contains 6 needles of 4mm width or 7 needles of 4.5 mm. Length can be 10 inches as this is convenient to handle for a beginner.

Nevertheless, it’s always good to buy different sets of circular knitting needles for you to on each. Then you can decide which suits your hands best.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article has given you a headstart on where you can select and buy circular knitting needles for your knitting projects.

Remember that it greatly depends on your compatibility with your knitting needle that you can create perfection in your projects. It is therefore best to try out different sets to find the most suitable material, gauge and length for you.

If you want to know more about circular knitting machines, yarn and other knitting stuff, you can read our other blogs.

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