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Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Designed with the central adjustment system to adjust fabrics in different levels of density easily and conveniently, normally equipped with different gauges of cylinders which is easy to alter and can meet the varying requirements in the knitting market.

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Single Terry Circular Knitting Machine

Featuring different types of sinkers, the terry single knitting machine is capable of knitting high-quality terry fabric of different loop height. With the Lycra attachment, it can also knit stretchy towel.

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Open Width Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

The cloth-cutting machine is equipped with a roller speed adjustment device that guarantees a uniform and stable knitting tightness to the fabric.

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Single Reverse Plated Loop Circular Knitting Machine

Reverse Plated Loop Single Circular Knitting Machine features different types of sinkers, which can knit to welling with differing heights of loops pile. This machine can feature reversed cams and normal cams respectively.

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Single Three-Thread Fleece Circular Knitting Machine

This 3-thread fleece machine offers high productivity because of the high number of feeders included, replacing older, obsolete models. The length of the wool yarn can be adjusted by changing the sinkers and cams.

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